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The Hummingbird Inn is a bed and breakfast in Easton, Maryland, and the lifelong dream of Eric Levinson. His goal for opening the inn was to enhance what a bed and breakfast can be from a guest perspective — evolving from a place where guests simply spend the night to a warm, social, and welcoming community. Eric approached JEL Creative to create a lasting brand that uniquely highlighted these goals.


In our initial discovery session, we learned a lot about Eric, his goals, and the vision he held for the inn. After speaking with him, it became clear that the Hummingbird Inn is so much more than a business. Everything in Eric's life guided him to the foundation of the inn. There was an inherent sense of serendipity, positivity, and life about both Eric and the Inn that was incredibly compelling.

Ultimately, Eric's vision of The Hummingbird Inn was a safe haven; somewhere where you can let loose, be yourself, and always come back to. What makes the Inn, and Eric, so unique is this open-mindedness, energy, community, and a positive outlook on life.


Using the findings from discovery, I worked with Tyler Berg to flesh out the brand. We started with mood boards, to make sure that we were distilling and capturing the right values and portraying them in the right way. We created three distinct directions, focusing on unique visual design directions:

Direction A: Clear, Simple
Direction B: Warm, Friendly
Direction C: Calm, Inviting

Once we selected a direction, we moved began logo design. We started with a mindmap, to extract unique angles on symbols to pursue. We decided to pursue three different directions that resulted from this exercise: floral, nautical/aquatic, and the spirit of the hummingbird.


After an extensive sketching process, Tyler and I created a set of symbols to present to Eric. Each of these directions were different, but each drew upon the values we defined in discovery:


The flower is a timeless symbol of of natural beauty, serenity, elegance, and romance. There is an inherent sense of attractiveness associated with the flower, both in and outside of nature. In nature, it attracts and is a source of everlasting life, drawing bees and hummingbirds to it. Outside of nature, it is a symbol of beauty and acts as a spark for new romantic connections.

Nautical, Aquatic

Water carries with it a feeling of clarity, relaxation, and tranquility. Without it, no life is possible. Boats use nature – water and wind – to carry curious minds on new adventures. This logo draws on those feelings of excitement as one spends a summer day in the Chesapeake Bay.

Hummingbird, Levity

The hummingbird is an essential part of the history of the inn, representing life, rebirth, and levity. Hummingbirds are often associated with positivity and adaptability, which resonates with the spirit of the inn. Their vibrant colors draw people to them as a source of joy, wonder, and happiness. This was the selected direction.

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