bePrEPed App

The DC Center

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UX Design


Visual Designer

UX Designer


The DC Center for the LGBT Community is a non-profit organization that represents the DC LGBT community, serving as a trusted source of advocacy, support, and education. They wanted to create a simple mobile app that allowed users to learn about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), assess whether or not it was right for them, and find providers in their area.

UX Discovery

Before starting on the wireframes, I conducted thorough research on what PrEP is, how it is taken, and the patients PrEP is designed to help. Bearing in mind the patient's use case, we identified three common actions that all PrEP patients need to stay on top of: take PrEP twice a day, refill their PrEP prescription once empty, and renew their prescription with their doctor. While the initial scope of the app was purely informational, I identified an opportunity to create a reminders function would be profoundly helpful to PrEP patients. Setting up a reminders infrastructure for daily, weekly, and monthly reminders would create an incredibly helpful tool that would not only guide prospective patients towards treatment, but also ensure they are using it in the correct way.

Visual Design

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